Who We Are – Our Staff

Greetings Beloved!

It has been a year now and part of my work was to evaluate and begin the work of assembling a staff that covers, ministers to and supports the ministries of the church.   Hope United Methodist Church has been a staff run church for many years.  Staff is critical to church growth.  One person cannot do it all.  Currently, we have a staff of about 19 people and we are bringing on a new pastor to work with us. 

I have prayerfully begun the work, in consultation with the Staff Parish Relations Committee and am pleased to announce the following staff adjustments.  I invite you to pray for our staff, undergird our staff and be supportive to our staff by cooperation and grace as they work among us.   These positions will go in effect on July 1, 2017.  Brief and basic descriptions will be included in the areas that are newly titled.  These areas are also listed in bold. 

 The Reverend Rosalyn Green, Executive Pastor

The executive pastor is a direct resource and administrative liason for the Senior Pastor.  The executive pastor will guide, lead and resource the programmatic ministries of the church including worship planning, funeral preparation, and supervision of the Administrative Center of the church. 

 The Reverend Christopher Grimes, Pastor of Young Adults and Emerging Ministries

Pastor of young adults and emerging ministries will be generally responsible for the envisioning, managing and creating a vital Christian Education Ministry.   Additionally, this pastor will create and innovate ministries that are relevant to the younger populations.  He will also manage the 1:30 worship development and the sound/visual technological components of the church’s ministry. 


Mr. Alvin Waddles, Director of Music Ministries
Ms. Evelyn Summerville, Director of Christian Education

Ms. Zelma Dexter-Smith, Director of Community Relations and Event Management

The DCREM will build relationships with groups outside of the church interested in church Facility use and collaborative partnerships.  Also, event programming, management, including Weddings, receptions and private events will go through this office.  Additionally, DVD/CD production is managed by this position.  

Mr. Ken Delogol, Director of Culinary Services

Ms. Shirley Richardson, Business Manager and Accountant

This position will be responsible for overseeing the business relationships of the church with vendors, outside agencies as well as other transactions that need to take place from an administrative angle. 

Ms. Tish Harris, Director of Communications and Digital Media

This position is responsible for the church’s communication mediums; i.e., bulletins, flyers, posters, digital signs, etc.  Additionaly, the website, membership services, visual worship support and software management are included in this particular work area.


Ms. Rochelle Oden, Treasurer

Mrs. Dawn Jowers, Administrative Team Leader for Clergy Support

Mr. Robert Carter, Head Custodian

Thank you so much and I invite you to offer words of encouragement and appreciation to an outstanding staff that goes above and beyond the duty of service!     

Come now, let us be on our way.

The Rev. B. Kevin Smalls, D. Min.