Wish List

The Hope Wish List allows individuals or groups to make significant contributions to Hope United Methodist Church, financial or otherwise.
Donors of the Hope Wish List are recognized in meaningful ways within a day or two of receiving a donation. Timely and personal recognition of our donors includes the acknowledgement of gifts in our Church Bulletin and here on our website, in writing with a more personal letter, and an in-kind donation letter which serves as documentation in which donors can claim a tax deduction.
The Hope Wish List include items in a range of prices so that a variety of donors can participate. Only items that will help Hope Church run a more efficient operation are placed on the list such as new copiers, computers, printers of monitors. Everyday items such as television carts, chafing dishes, flatware for the kitchen, basketballs for the gymnasium, liquid candlesticks etc. which allows people with smaller budgets to participate allowing the church to get items that are really needed anyway. Building materials for specific repair projects such a paint, shampoo carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaners, etc. and the Dream Big (“pie in the sky”) items such as a computerized projector motorized screen for the Sanctuary, 15 Passenger Church Bus, and Treadmills for the Hope UMC Family Life Fitness Center.
Donors have the right to remain anonymous. Our current list of wishes are as follows:
40? Class LED 3D-HDTV for Communications Ministry (3) Multi-Use $1,500
Candelabras (2) Sanctuary $2,200
Treadmill (1) Hope Family Life Center $750
Marriage Candelabra (1) Worship $1,200
Computers and Printers (4) Administrative $3,000
Walk-In Freezer (1) Kitchen $3,000
Flat Screen Monitor (1) Small Chapel $1,000
Single Screen Projection System (1) Sanctuary $22,750